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‘One of biggest and most historic decisions’ – Locals on bill reserving 33% of Parliament seats for women

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« New Delhi locals shared their opinions as the Indian government passed a bill set to reserve 33% of the seats in Lok Sabha (Lower House) and state Assemblies for women, on Friday.
Hemalatha Varun, a BJP politician, highlighted the historical significance of this decision and explained the next steps, including presidential approval, to make it a law.
« This is one of the biggest and most historic decisions that has been taken during the period of the Modi government. In the last 27 years, women of this country have been waiting for this and soon It is going to be implemented as law for every woman. When the proposal came 27 years before, it should have been approved at that time, passed and the law should have been implemented at that time, said Varun.
Varun praised the Modi government for its commitment to women’s empowerment.
Dr. Anupamma Patil, another politician, expressed enthusiasm for the bill, seeing it as a step toward greater female political participation.
« It is very good for women and it is giving good liberation to women and there will be more participation of women in politics. I feel that this is a very outward and good step taken by the Modi and I feel that it is to be implemented as soon as possible, » said Patil.
According to media reports, Indian Parliament Chairperson Jagdeep Dhankhar praised the achievement, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned that this bill’s passage would boost public confidence.
This bill, called Nari Shakti Vandan (Women’s Reservation) Bill 2023, now approved by both parliamentary houses, aims to constitutionally guarantee women’s representation in India’s parliament, promoting gender equality and women’s participation rights. »

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