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‘Silence kills!’ – FEMEN activists protest bare-chested in Madrid against femicides *EXPLICIT*

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« Activists from FEMEN staged a protest bare-chested in front of the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid on Saturday, to denounce the number of women murdered in male violence cases in Spain.
Footage shows nine topless activists holding banner reading ‘In Spain, a man murders a woman every 3 days’ and chanting slogans such as ‘Your silence kills’, ‘Not one less’ and ‘If they don’t kill us, they don’t see us’.
« There were already 48 femicides officially registered in Spain in 2023, there were already 46 orphans by male violence in Spain, and we thought, once again we have to shout ‘Not one less’, once again we have to raise the alarm, because this is a social emergency, it is a national emergency. Women need to stop being murdered for the mere fact of being women », said Lara Alcazar, spokesperson for Femen Spain.
According to local media, the Spanish Government’s Delegation against Gender Violence Delegación registered 31 femicides in 2023, while the independent organisation ‘Feminicidios.net’ counted 84 women murdered in male violence cases since the beginning of the year. »


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