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Thousands protest for measures against climate change, govt resignation in Seoul

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« Thousands of protesters gathered at a rally for global climate justice under the slogan ‘People Power to Overcome the Crisis’ held in Seoul on Saturday.
The crowd began to form at midday, attracted by performances and presentations taking place in the vicinity of City Hall Station on the capital’s metro line 1. Footage shows the protest unfolding the crowd in a siting protest. After speeches by the organisers, the demonstrators marched through the city streets.
According to the organisers, the event aimed to ‘draw attention to the hypocrisy of the climate policy proposed by Yoon Seok-yeol’s government, to condemn the policies that are polarizing society, and to demand justice for corporations’. Over 200 ecologist organizations were set to attend.
One of the main targets of the protest is the so-called Carbon Neutral Framework Act. The Seok-yeol government’s bill seeks to extend the lifespan of nuclear power plants to ensure ‘neutral’ supply, while building ‘modern’ coal-fired power plants.
The protesters also accuse the government of negligent action
against the disposal of the contaminated water from Fukushima nuclear power plant into de Sea of Japan, which affects South Korean coasts. »


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