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‘A very deep feeling’ – Atletico fans jubilant ahead of derby win over Real Madrid

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« Thousands of Atletico de Madrid fans showed their excitement at the Metropolitan Stadium in the Spanish capital on Sunday afternoon, ahead of the clash against rivals Real Madrid in the first round of the Spanish ‘La Liga’.
« For me it’s a healthy derby rivalry. As far as it goes, there are a lot of Real Madrid fans that you like, and then there are people that, well… You have to put up with them every day. And that’s why derbies, even if they’re healthy, there’s a rivalry that’s hard, but it’s good. We’ll try to win today and then we’ll rub it in on Monday », said a fan before entering the stadium.
Before the match Atletico fans created a spectacular atmosphere around their stadium with flares, chants, dances, and a lot of people previous to the start.
« Nowadays, being able to compete a little bit means a lot. For many years I was the only Atleti fan in my class, while your Real Madrid mates laughed at you a little bit. And now, here we are! We are this. And it’s very nice, a very deep feeling, especially for those of us who have lived it in our families, with our parents. It’s very nice », said another fan.
Atletico de Madrid beat Real Madrid 3-1 on Sunday on the first derby of the Spanish LaLiga season. For their next match, the team will face CA Osasuna on Thursday. »

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