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Argentinian entrepreneur transforms childhood house into thriving community skatepark in Temperley

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« Fernando Recalt, a local resident in from Temperley, Buenos Aires, transformed his childhood home into a vibrant skatepark and opened it to the community.
Footage filmed on Sunday features skaters practising in Recalt’s red-adorned home, boasting undulating cement tracks and a meticulously maintained skate bowl.
Recalt even listed it on Skatebnb, inviting skateboard enthusiasts worldwide to experience the thrill of his unique circuit.
« This is Red House Bowl, it’s a private skatepark inside my house, I think it could be unique in the country, I think we are the first skatepark built in a house, » explained Recalt.
What started as a personal project expanded to include neighbours and skateboarding enthusiasts of all ages, including children as young as 6 and adults. Recalt’s skate park is a hub for the skateboard community, and his understanding neighbours have been supportive despite the noise.
« The neighbours are the best, first I was scared because I said, ‘well it’s a very quiet neighbourhood…’ but they’ve known me all my life, we were always like the eccentrics of the neighbourhood, if we didn’t have a party we were creating something strange but they’re used to it now, » he said.
Fernando Recalt’s story is a testament to finding passion and purpose during challenging times, creating a haven for skateboarders and a warm community atmosphere. »

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