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‘Ashamed of this government’ – Thousands march in Schweinfurt against ruling ‘traffic light’ coalition

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« Up to 3,000 demonstrators marched through the city of Schweinfurt on Sunday to protest against the actions of Germany’s ruling coalition, which includes the Greens.
Footage features demonstrators marching with banners « Whoever is silent agrees! » and « If you can’t do anything and you don’t know anything, you vote for all the green shit! », among others. Some of the activists travelled to the protest on construction equipment and tractors.
« People are getting poorer and poorer, no one has any more money in their wallets and now something just has to happen and the government just has to go, » Stefan Hahnlein, a protester, said.
Another protester, Lila, commented that the Greens are ‘actually all old parties’. « They all pursue the same agenda, which is very important to me, » she added.
« I can’t stand this government here anymore, I’m ashamed of this country, I love this country, but I’m ashamed of this government, » said Marie, who also participated in the protest.
Police provided security at the rally, which briefly suspended traffic. In some cases, police were forced to identify individual demonstrators, suspecting them of causing offence and inciting hatred. »


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