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Beijing plays ‘crucial role in restoring international balance’ – Syria’s Assad during meeting with Chinese Premier Li Qiang

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« President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria commended China for its ‘crucial role in restoring international balance,’ and acknowledged its significant role on the international stage during a meeting with Premier Li Qiang of the People’s Republic of China, in Beijing on Monday. The encounter was marked by warm gestures and discussions aimed at strengthening bilateral ties.
Footage from the meeting shows the moment when Premier Li Qiang warmly shakes hands with President Al-Assad, signifying the positive rapport between the two nations. Subsequently, the senior Chinese official accompanied by a delegation of officials, convenes around a roundtable with the Syrian President and his team for further discussions.
President Al-Assad expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for the support provided to Syria during the ongoing conflict and the recent earthquake that struck the country.
“This support, whether humanitarian or political, with China taking advanced positions on the international stage, has had a significant impact in alleviating the effects of the war on Syria and supporting it in its battle against terrorism and the blockade from the other side,” Assad said.
The Syrian president emphasised the enduring friendship between the two nations, built over many decades.
“There is no doubt that China today plays a significant role on the international stage. The longstanding friendship or relationship that you have mentioned, built over many decades, has recently solidified a great deal of trust between our two countries. The reason for this is that it is based on a similar history and, more importantly, on steadfast principles,” he went to say.
In conclusion of his remarks, President al-Assad conveyed his belief in further strengthening the Syria-China relationship through various Chinese initiatives, including the Global Civilization Initiative, the Global Security Initiative, and the Global Development Initiative. He particularly emphasised that ‘the practical aspect now of these initiatives is the Belt and Road Initiative,’ from which the two nations can embark on developing their relationship ‘in the economic and cultural spheres, in addition to bilateral relations.’
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, along with his wife Asma, made an official visit to China on Thursday, marking the first such visit to the Asian country in nearly two decades.
Assad’s previous visit to China took place in June 2004 when he met with then-President Hu Jintao. That occasion marked the first visit by a Syrian head of state since diplomatic relations were established in August 1956. »


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