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Big splash! Thousands participate in Sun Moon Lake International Cross-lake Swimming Carnival in Taiwan

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« The 41st International Cross-lake 10,000-Person Swim Challenge took place in Yuchi on Sunday. A total of 1,935 teams, both domestic and international, including over 24,000 swimmers took on the challenge of swimming 3,000 metres across Sun Moon Lake.
A 73-year-oldChinese President Ma Ying-jeou, who was among the participants showed to be very motivated despite his age. Nantou County Mayor Hsu Shu-hua expressed her gratitude for the assistance of all the individuals and emphasised safety as the top priority during the event. She also noted the successful and smooth execution of the event.
Mayor Hsu Shu-hua mentioned that the Sun Moon Lake 10,000-Person Swim Challenge, beloved by swimmers from around the world, has attracted over 24,000 participants this year, solidifying its status as a truly world-class sports event.
« I hope that through today’s event, we can all promote the love of sports in Taiwan, and that Sun Moon Lake tourism can thrive even more thanks to your participation. I also want to express my gratitude to former President Ma, who has been participating in our event for ten consecutive years, » she declared during the opening ceremony.
This year, with the easing of the global pandemic situation and open borders, the event saw international swimmers from 33 countries, including 317 participants from the United States. Additionally, 61 teams of disabled swimmers, totalling 195 participants, were among the first to take on the challenge. »

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