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Chills Down the Bones! – Peruvian workers unearth 1,000-year-old children’s burial ground from pre-Inca cultures

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« While labouring on a gas pipeline installation in Lima, Peruvian workers unearthed an archaeological treasure on Friday – eight bundles of funeral artefacts, estimated to be nearly 1,000 years old. This newfound site, nestled in Lima’s Carabayllo district, is believed to have served as a burial ground for children.
According to reports, early analyses hint at a tragic narrative; these children may have succumbed to severe anaemia, a condition possibly triggered by a climate event that wreaked havoc on local agriculture.
Of the eight bundles, six are associated with children, while the remaining two are linked to adults. These antiquities are thought to belong to the pre-Inca Ychma and Chancay cultures, dating back between 1,100 and 800 years.
Archaeologist Jesus Bahamonde revealed, « We have found the remains of a pre-Hispanic cemetery composed of eight funerary contexts, six for children and two for adults. »
Bahamonde further explained, « The funerary bundles have been carefully deposited in graves excavated in the earth and these, in turn, contain a series of trousseau, a funerary trousseau composed of ceramic vessels, gourd mates, plates and glasses. These elements, in many cases household utensils, may have contained food and drinks, which were offerings precisely at the time of their burial. »
Peru, renowned for the awe-inspiring Inca sanctuary of Machu Picchu, harbours a rich tapestry of pre-Hispanic cultures. The country boasts over 400 huacas (ancient tombs or monuments) and other archaeological marvels within the sprawling metropolitan Lima region.
The Ychsma society, flourishing in Lima’s valleys during the Late Intermediate period, emerged around 1100 AD and eventually integrated into the Inca Empire. »


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