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Futuristic Wonderland! Tech marvels steal show at Hangzhou Asian Games

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« Cutting-edge technology stole the spotlight at the Hangzhou Asian Games, as athletes and visitors could a futuristic display of innovation goods, from self-driving ice-cream cars to AI-powered postcard-drawing robots.
Footage filmed in Hangzhou on Sunday showcased a mesmerizing array of groundbreaking technologies. Among the standout attractions are self-driving ice-cream cars, fully autonomous shuttle buses, AI-driven seal engraving machines and creative AI postcard robots.
Yili Dairy Experience Store manager, Sun Yuanfeng, introduced their self-driving ice cream car. « This ice cream car is unmanned and fully automatic. It will move and stop at several key points in our entire village, such as restaurants and residential buildings. When journalists see it and wave their hands to it, it can stop », he explained.
Another one of the innovations displayed in the villate was is an AI seal engraving machine.
« This is an AI-intelligent seal engraving machine. It uses AI’s intelligent algorithm to master the structure of Chinese characters in a traditional seal engraving skill that originally took many years to develop. About five to eight minutes, you can get the seal in your hand. You can choose the pattern on it and you can design it yourself. But for traditional seal engraving, it will take at least several hours to finish it, » Hu Lan, cultural exchange services staff, explained.
Hangzhou, already renowned as an enterprise and innovation hub in China, aimed to showcase the future of technology as the host city the Asian Games. »


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