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One bite delight! Snail noodle mooncakes go viral for upcoming Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in Liuzhou

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« Liuzhou, Guangxi, a city renowned for its snail rice noodle, is set to showcase its food culture in a new and exciting way during the upcoming Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival. This year, Liuzhou is introducing a special kind of mooncake known as the « snail rice noodle moon cake, » which has become a sensation on social media.
Footage filmed on Friday shows a skilled cook combining traditional mooncake-making techniques with local flavours. This not only meets the demand for festive mooncakes but also celebrates the vibrant local culture.
« In fact, snail rice noodle moon cakes originated from our snacks in Liuzhou, and because our family has been making cakes for five generations, I want to combine snail rice noodle, a snack, with our Xue family’s cake-making skills, and their two tastes, to present a work that everyone likes as much as snail rice noodle so that everyone can taste food, and add a sense of reunion and happiness to the Mid Autumn Festival,” said Xue Chunxiong, a cook.
The uniqueness of this kind of moon cake is in the ingredients. The recipe not only adds cocoa powder to the traditional moon cake crust to neutralise the taste but also integrates the symbolic taste of snail rice noodles.
« I think snail rice noodle moon cakes are very novel. We Liuzhou people eat snail rice noodle every day, and we eat moon cakes every year. But snail rice noodle moon cakes really haven’t been tried, so I was curious to try them. So I bought two of them a few days ago, and I felt that they tasted good, » shared a satisfied customer.
The freshly baked snail rice noodle moon cake can be eaten in one bite. The symbolic taste of snail rice noodles comes in three flavours; spicy, salty and sweet, giving people endless aftertaste.
« So I thought this Mid-Autumn Festival would also send some to my friends from other places to let them experience the uniqueness of Liuzhou’s culinary culture, » he added.
As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, the introduction of snail rice noodle moon cakes offers a delectable way to celebrate both tradition and innovation in Liuzhou’s food culture. »

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