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Serbian Defence Minister Vucevic blames Kosovo PM Kurti for tensions in Kosovo and Metohija at Belgrade Armament Fair

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« Serbian Minister of Defence, Milos Vucevic, mentioned Sunday’s clashes between Serbs and Kosovar policemen in northern Kosovo and said that Kosovar Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, is the only one to blame for the latest tensions in Kosovo and Metohija, during the Belgrade Armament Fair on Monday.
« The position of the State of Serbia is that Albin Kurti and his policy are the main culprits for everything that is happening in Kosovo and Metohija, » Vucevic said during his speech.
« And from KFOR we expect a much more active role, and not to allow the hunting of Serbs until the extermination of the last of them, » he added.
The 11th International Armament and Defence Material Fair « Partner 2023″ kicked off on Monday in Belgrade from September 25 to 28 with 154 exhibitors showing their latest developments in this field.
The international defence fair is held every two years in Belgrade and is organised by the Serbian Ministry of Defence. During the fair, participants from all over the world exhibit the latest artillery and missile systems, firing weapons and ammunition, armoured combat vehicles, electronic equipment, light aircraft, new radars, various simulators, etc. »


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