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‘Today it’s different’- Thousands of football fans gather in Sao Paulo to enjoy Brazil Cup final

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« Thousands of football enthusiasts gathered in Sao Paulo, on Sunday, to enjoy the Brazil Cup final between Flamengo and Sao Paulo clubs.
Footage features fans waving flags, shooting fireworks, holding flares, chanting, cheering and singing together while watching the match and react to the moments of the match.
« The last time I saw my team in a final was in 2008, it was in the Brazilian Championship, but today it’s different here! I’ve never seen this, it’s the first time, look at this here, it’s a simple thing, in a simple bar, a TV for everyone, this is Sao Paulo and the party is led by the fans, » shared a fan named Lucas.
Sao Paulo secured their inaugural Brazilian Cup championship by achieving a 1-1 draw against Flamengo and prevailing on the aggregate scoreline in the final. »

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