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A unique metaphor for life’s unexpected twists: Argentine artist creates innovative bicycle design that moves backwards

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« Argentinian plastic artist Alejandro Percivati has introduced an unusual invention – a bicycle that drives backwards only. In a video captured in Buenos Aires on Monday, Percivati and local residents can be seen testing the bicycle and sharing their impressions of this unique experience.
Percivati explained that the idea behind ‘Phenomena’, as he called the bicycle, was to create a metaphor for life’s unexpected twists.
« It was first an idea, I said well I’m going to make a bicycle that goes backwards, literally as a metaphor for life sometimes, and after that, I began to mechanically investigate how to bring that to reality, » said Percivati.
He delved into the mechanical aspects to bring his concept to life, resulting in a bicycle design that defies convention. While the frame may not resemble a typical bicycle, it still functions in a manner similar to one.
Residents who tried the bicycle expressed their fascination with the experience. Carlos Guiti, a local, particularly enjoyed riding the backwards-moving bicycle, noting the challenge it presents in maintaining balance.
« I tried the bicycles. The one that goes backwards caught my attention a lot because the head always wants to go forward, it is very difficult to maintain balance backwards, but very good, it is a very new experience, incredible, I told you the truth, it is worth it, » explained Guiti.
Percivati showcased a unique bicycle with a picture frame around it, giving the appearance of an undrivable bike.
« The frame does not look like a bicycle, but it behaves like a bicycle and the “Phenomena” looks like bicycles but do not behave like bicycles, » he said.
Percivati’s creation challenges conventional notions of what a bicycle should be, inviting contemplation on the role of the frame within artwork and what defines its essence. The backwards-moving bicycle serves as a reminder that in life, unexpected deviations can lead to surprising and rewarding experiences. »


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