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At least six people dead, 13 missing after landslide in Guatemala City

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« At least six people died and another 13 are missing after a landslide in Guatemala City on Monday, according to Guatemala’s Disaster Coordination Agency.
Drone footage shows the aftermath of the landslide as a coordinated search and rescue operation was initiated by elements of Civil Protection and personnel from the Guatemalan Army to locate potential victims.
« At approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes, we received calls indicating that the river flow had increased and had swept away 6 homes located in this place. According to the neighbourhood committee of the settlement, they indicate that 8 adults and 11 children are missing, since at that time they were resting in their homes when the rush of water surprised them, » Byron Morales, a volunteer firefighter officer, shared details of the incident.
Community leader Esau Gonzalez emphasised the dire circumstances faced by residents, stating that « we are here out of necessity, we do not have decent housing. Unfortunately, salaries are not enough to pay rent, so that forces us to be in these places; we need a proposal for decent housing. »
Preliminary reports from the Civil Protection Office confirm that at least 13 individuals are missing in the ‘Dios es fiel (God is faithful)’ settlement, under El Naranjo bridge, due to the flooding caused by heavy rains.
The military set up a command center to oversee the rescue effort. »

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