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‘Bright future’ – Hangzhou locals react to Malaysia vs China final in Asian Games’ first-ever e-sports competition

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« Hangzhou locals commented on the Malaysia vs China final as e-sports is making its debut as a medal event at the Asian Games on Tuesday.
Footage shows fans gathered in front of the city’s e-sports centre and entering the venue through a security checkpoint, while showing off their favourite athletes’ items.
« The acceptance by the Asian Games is something we had been looking forward to for a long time because e-sports has always been a less mainstream competitive event. We are all very proud of the acceptance and that the match can be broadcast live on CCTV5. I also hope that the whole e-sports industry can be more and more confronted and accepted by everyone, » said Wang, a fan.
It was the first gold medal day for e-sports, added to the Asian Games for the first time. Players from Team China and Team Malaysia will battle for the Valor Arena championship.
Another fan named A.P. also expressed his enthusiasm for the event. « We hope that e-sports can move to a bigger stage in the future, join the Olympic Games or get more attention from the whole society. May our hardworking children and lifelong fans have a bright future, » he wished.
Seven games are taking part on the Asian Games: Arena of Valor, Dota 2, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, EA Sports FC Online, League of Legends, Peacekeeper Elite, and Street Fighter V.
In the fantasy-themed Arena of Valor players take on virtual avatars and work together with teammates to destroy enemy towers before reaching the opposing team’s crystal. »


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