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Concrete obsession! Indonesia man goes viral for sipping cement for three years

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« Haris Daeng Ngalle has taken the Internet by storm because of his daily habit of drinking cement, which he has continued for an astonishing three years. From the town of Pattallassang in Takalar, South Sulawesi, the man has become an unexpected ‘online’ sensation.
The footage filmed on Tuesday in Jakarta captures Haris mixing cement into his drink, a spectacle reminiscent of brewing coffee. In another mind-boggling instant, Haris is seen dipping a banana into cement before casually eating it. Remarkably, Ngalle insists that his unconventional actions have not caused him any pain or discomfort.
Ngalle started his bizarre habit under unusual circumstances. Trapped in a warehouse filled with dust and cement, he seemingly had limited options and chose to consume the cement, which, to his surprise, had no apparent adverse effects.
« This habits started in 2021 when I was stuck in a warehouse. I was breathing a lot of dust from the cement, that made me pray to God, to ask if I could be united with the cement. Then I drank the cement with water. After that, I do it occasionally », he explained.
The enigma surrounding Haris Daeng Ngalle’s cement-eating habit has ignited curiosity and bewilderment across social media platforms, prompting questions about the motivations and consequences of such an unusual compulsion. »

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