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Cuban Embassy targeted with Molotov cocktails in Washington

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« At least two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the Cuban Embassy in Washington on Sunday night in what the Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla reportedly described as a ‘terrorist attack’.
Rodriguez continued, saying that the individual threw them « from the sidewalk over the perimeter fence of the facility, which hit the front wall of that diplomatic mission. »
Footage recorded on Monday shows several shots of the diplomatic outpost, which does not show any significant damage, as well as the embassy’s staff members walking inside the building and journalists recording images of the site.
According to local media reports, no one was hurt during the attack, and further investigation is being conducted to gather more information about the incident.
State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller condemned the action and added that « attacks and threats against diplomatic facilities are unacceptable. »
The Cuban embassy reopened in Washington DC in 2015 following the normalisation of diplomatic ties between Washington and Havana. »


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