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EU to fund new hydrogen valleys in Czech coal-relying areas – Von der Leyen

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« President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen delivered her speech at Green Deal Summit 2023 in Prague on Tuesday, where she announced the EU financial support for creating hydrogen valleys in some of the industrial areas of the country.
« Our Just Transition fund is investing 1.6 billion euros here in Czech, with a strong focus on creating new hydrogen valleys in the very same regions now relying on coal », she remarked.
« The European Green Deal was born out of the necessity to protect people and the planet, but it was also designed as an opportunity to build our future prosperity, and since its inception, it has delivered. Last year for instance, greenhouse gas emissions in Europe went down by roughly 2.5 percent while the economy went up by 3.5 percent, so we have successfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions while growing our economy », Von der Leyen said.
Von der Leyen comments come after Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s government reportedly showed skepticism about the EU climate policies. »

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