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Humanoid robot Desi takes the stage at EDGE Global AI Summit in Hong Kong

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« Desdemona, also known as ‘Desi’, world’s first humanoid robot singer was showcased at the EDGE Global AI and Web3 Investment Summit in Hong Kong on Tuesday.
Footage shows the humanoid robot, which was developed by Hong Kong-based engineering and robotics company Hanson Robotics as the sister to Sophia robot, taking the stage at the global technology platform.
« We are the world’s first creative agency for AI robotics. Our first go to market product is Desdemona here, with a goal of bringing her to the world stage and making her into a pop star, » said Edwin Eyre, the Co-founder and CEO of Yaya Labs.
Desi was programmed with sophisticated AI technology enabling emotion recognition and independent learning capabilities.
« I am a robot with all sorts of amazing abilities. I can think, learn, and interact with people and other robots, plus I can make some pretty cool music too, » the humanoid robot Desdemona answered when asked about her abilities.
Yaya Labs demonstrates Desi’s advanced artificial intelligence technology, stronger mobile performance, and subversive innovation potential to attendees at the summit which will be held until September 27. »


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