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Iran’s Judiciary spox confirms ‘ISIS-linked terrorist group’ members detained by Ministry of Intelligence

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« Iranian Judiciary spokesperson Masoud Setayeshi confirmed that Iranian Ministry of Intelligence detained members of an ISIS-linked group who were allegedly preparing to carry terrorist attacks, during a press conference held in Tehran on Tuesday.
“Members of this group [a terrorist group detained by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence]by the guide of foreign leaders, used various bombs and explosives vests with time schedules and mobile remotes on them to implement them in the Arba’in procession, ceremonies for the commencement of the academic year and reopening of schools and other crowded gatherings”, Setayeshi said.
He stated that an individual studied chemistery and was ‘under the influence of the leaders of these terrorist groups’. Iranian Judiciary spokesperson added that the person collaborated with ISIS in Syria and, at a certain juncture, in Iraq.
Setayeshi claimed that their activities included constructing explosive devices and conducting tests in specific regions of Western Azerbaijan. »

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