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‘Javier is really something fresh’ – Hundreds join presidential candidate Milei’s rally in Buenos Aires

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« Hundreds of people gathered on the streets of Buenos Aires on Monday to take part in a huge rally in support of the presidential candidate of the far-right coalition La Libertad Avanza (Freedom Advances), Javier Milei.
Footage shows Milei chanting and interacting with supporters, who were seen handing signs and books for the candidate to sign during the rally.
« He is the only one who stood up to the entire caste. He was the only one who stood up to all the politicians. He was the only one who dared to say what we all wanted to say for a long time. The only one who has the courage and knows how things are, » said Jorge Dupre, one of the supporters during the event.
Kevin Buj, another supporter, stated that Milei is ‘something fresh’ that can really bring change to Argentina, as, according to him, the population has been listening to the same promises since the return of democracy in the country.
« People have already realised that with the same old, same old, we are going nowhere, » he affirmed.
According to official results of primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory elections (‘PASO’), announced on August 13, Milei gathered around 30 percent of the total vote. The candidates in the main opposition coalition, United for Change, got 28 precent, and the current governing coalition, Union for the Homeland, 27 percent.
The three groups’ candidates will face each other in the general elections which will be held on 22 October, with a possible run-off on 19 November. »


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