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Railway workers break into Ministry of Ecological Transition amid natiowide strike

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« Workers of the French public France’s railway company SNCF broke into the Ministry of Ecological Transition in Paris on Tuesday during protests against the reported dismantlement of the freight trains system.
With flares and signs reading messages such as ‘Freight SNCF is not for sale’, demonstrators got inside the building, and were later dispersed by Police officers in riot gear. According to local media, around sixty people occupied the premises for around five minutes.
« Today, there’s a simple way to go green. It’s not by privatizing it, it’s not by cutting 500 jobs and it’s not by clipping the wings of the public freight operator. That’s what we came to tell the Ministry of Ecology », claimed Fabien Villedieu, a Sud-Rail union delegate.
« We didn’t break anything, we didn’t burn anything, we’re not thugs. We’re here to denounce those who are breaking our work tool: SNCF freight », he added.
SNCF workers’ unions CGT-Cheminots, Sud-Rail and CFDT called for a nationwide strike on Tuesday to protest against the company’s restructuring plan. The new measures would especially affect freight trains, which reportedly represent 30 percent of the traffic and employ 10 percent of SNCF’s personnel. »

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