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‘Really deplorable’ – Malians reacts to postponement of presidential election

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« The Mali government has decided to postpone the presidential elections originally scheduled for February 4, 2024 (first round) and February 18, 2024 (second round). The government spokesperson, Abdoulaye Maiga, cited technical reasons for this decision. The new election dates have not been announced yet.
Mali’s people shared mixed feelings on the election delay, with many expressing negative views in Tuesday’s footage from Bamako.
“This postponement is really deplorable for Mali because we’re going through huge diplomatic and security crises, so this transition really needs to do everything it can to get out of this situation by organising free and transparent elections, quickly,” said Oumar N’Diaye, Bamako resident.
“With the extension of the transition, further sacrifices will be imposed on the Malian people, » believes another resident, Dr Barry.
However, some people believe that postponing elections due to security concerns can be justified. They argue that it may be necessary to delay the elections in light of these security challenges.
“For me, I would have liked the elections to take place, but for some time now, we’ve seen security deteriorate, so we could only expect such a statement from the government,” says Harounz Kone, Bamako resident.
Mali went through two military coups between 2020 and 2021, led by Colonel Assimi Goyte. In August 2020, they ousted President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita from office, and in 2021, the same military group arrested the interim president and prime minister of the country. »

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