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South Korea hosts first military parade since 2013 amid growing threats from North Korea

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« South Korea hosted its first large-scale military parade in a decade on Tuesday, showcasing a formidable display of military power, including ballistic missiles and tanks. The parade, held to commemorate 75th Armed Forces Day, signified South Korea’s increasingly assertive stance against North Korea.
The footage features thousands of troops marching across Seoul streets, along with South Korea’s homegrown tanks and artillery, joined by 300 US soldiers stationed in the country, as confirmed by the Defence Ministry.
The parade’s focal point was a 2-kilometer procession through Seoul’s main commercial district, leading to the historic Gwanghwamun area. Despite rainy weather, enthusiastic crowds lined the streets, cheering as troops, tanks, missiles passed by.
The event commenced with ceremonies and performances at Seoul Air Base, where President Yoon Suk Yeol issued a stern warning to Pyongyang against nuclear weapon use, according to media reports.
This parade, South Korea’s first since 2013, emphasised the nation’s robust defence posture in the face of evolving regional challenges. »

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