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🔴 Live: ICJ hearing on Ukraine vs Russia: last day observing countries

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« The International Court of Justice (ICJ) continues its fifth and last day of hearings in The Hague on Wednesday, September 27, in the case brought by Ukraine over allegations that Russia misused the Genocide Convention.

Following the arguments presented by both sides over the past three days, countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and EU member states will provide their own assessments.

Kiev alleged that Moscow made false claims of ‘genocide’ to justify its actions in eastern Ukraine in February 2022. On Tuesday, its representative stated that Russia was ‘waging war in the name of this terrible lie’.

Moscow outlined its objections to the case on Monday calling it ‘hopelessly flawed and at odds with the longstanding jurisprudence of this court.’

The current session does not consider the merits of the case but only the jurisdiction of the court.


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