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Cathedral in Washington unveils new racial justice stained-glass windows to replace those honouring Confederate generals

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« The Washington National Cathedral unveiled its four new ‘racial justice-themed’ stained-glass windows in a move to replace others that honoured Confederate Generals Robert Lee and Thomas Jackson.
Footage recorded on Tuesday shows the details of the new windows inside the cathedral as well as people taking pictures of them.
« The Confederate flag is associated with racism and white supremacy, and the cathedral decided that there would be no place in the cathedral for such a symbol of hatred, » explained Kevin Eckstrom, the cathedral’s Chief Communications Officer.
The new windows called ‘Now’ and ‘Forever’ pay tribute to African Americans who fought for civil rights and also feature features for a disabled person in a wheelchair.
According to local media reports, in 2017, the cathedral decided to remove the windows that honoured the Confederate leaders. »

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