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Head of Iraqi army confirms 9 arrests over deadly wedding hall fire in Al-Hamdaniya

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« At least 87 people died and 9 were arrested in the aftermath of a wedding hall fire, the Head of the Iraqi army Major General Abdullah Ramadan Al-Jubouri confirmed on Wednesday from Al-Hamdaniya region.
« The accident took place in that wedding hall over there. The casualties toll is 223, including 87 deaths and another 136 have various injuries, » Al-Jubouri stated, adding that « nine individuals working at the wedding hall have been arrested ».
The fire took place in a wedding hall in Qaraqosh, which was crowded as families and friends were celebrating a wedding. As fireworks were lit indoors, fire spread onto the ceiling of the building, causing the roof to collapse.
An investigation has been launched into the matter following the arrests of at least 9 participants in the festivities. »


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