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‘It only reinforces our commitment to our faith’ – Yemenis in celebration as Sanaa marks Prophet’s birthday

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« Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis from all parts of the capital city and its surrounding areas gathered in downtown Sanaa on Wednesday to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday, also known as Mawlid
Drone footage captures a huge crowd of people gathering, holding flags and balloons reading ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Here I am, O Messenger of Allah,’ while wearing wigs and face paint, chanting, ‘Our leader is the Messenger of Allah.
« This presence reflects the growing awareness among our people and our nation. It also highlights the pressing need for Yemenis and the Islamic world to address the decline in values and ethics that the world is experiencing due to the actions of unbelieving leaders, such as those represented by the United States and Israel, who support these misdeeds and this moral decay,” explained Ahmed Mohammed Hamed, Director of the Presidential Office in Sanaa.
“The only way to counter this moral decay is through the teachings of the Quran and the example set by Muhammad, » he added.
« Gathering in this square is an important way to respond to those who insult our holy places, criticize the Islamic religion and disrespect the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family. We want to tell the world that whatever they do to our sacred beliefs, it only reinforces our commitment to our faith, the Quran and Islam, » said Ansar Allah Movement leader Safar Al-Sufi.
On Mawlid, Muslims from all around the world pray and read the Quran to commemorate the birth of Muhammad, who was born in 570 AD. In some places, it is observed as a national holiday. »


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