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Puppetry Magic! Military enthusiast blends shadow play with National Day parade of China

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« Yang Xiaolin, a military enthusiast, has embarked on a unique project that combines traditional Chinese performing arts, specifically shadow play, with the grandeur of the National Day military parade.
Filmed footage from his Beijing office on Wednesday showcases intricate shadow puppetry displays featuring tanks and jets.
Chinese shadow puppetry is an ancient form of theatrical performance that employs the silhouettes of puppets cast onto a screen. In China, these shadow puppets are typically crafted from semi-transparent cow leather plates adorned with semi-transparent dyes.
To ensure the project’s perfection, Yang Xiaolin enlisted the expertise of a professional Chinese shadow puppeteer from Xi’an to create the intricate puppets.
“I also tried my best to try and found that it was very challenging for me, who had never made shadow puppets before. But it is not difficult for the master of shadow puppeteer to do it quickly,” said Yang Xiaolin, a military enthusiast.
The endeavour took Yang and his team more than six months to complete, with the intention of sharing the video online on National Day as a celebration of the motherland’s birthday.
“I hope more people will fall in love with China’s military weapons and equipment, and our traditional Chinese culture. And this work is a combination of the two. It would be even better if more people like Chinese traditional culture and understand China’s intangible cultural heritage through this special project,” he emphasised.
Regarding the purpose of China’s military parade, Xiaolin believes that the parade serves as a powerful symbol of national unity and pride.
“I think the purpose of our country’s military parade is to primarily boost the morale of our people because China has never sought hegemony, nor do we want to deter other countries. When we, as Chinese people, see that our country’s military force is so strong, no one dares to invade our country, so it’s reassuring,” Yang shared his perspective. »


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