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Soyuz MS-23 undocks from ISS as capsule brings two cosmonauts, one astronaut back to Earth

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« The space capsule Soyuz MS-23 left the International Space Station (ISS) early on Tuesday with two cosmonauts and one astronaut on board. The American Frank Rubio and the Russians Sergei Prokopyev (commander) and Dmitri Petelin return earth after 371 days at the ISS, the third longest single space flight in history.
Footage shows the last pictures taken by the crew, the capsule hatch closing and undocking operations. Also the Russian Mission Control Centre in Korolev and the ISS flight control room, at the Johnson Space Center in Houston are seen in the images.
Rubio, Prokopyev and Petelin head towards Dzhezkazgan, their landing location in Kazakhstan. They return earth after traveling 5,9 Orbits of the earth, a total of 157,412 miles. »

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