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‘Thank you for your commitment to NATO’ – Stoltenberg welcomes Latvia’s new PM Silina in Brussels

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« NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Latvia’s new Prime Minister Evika Silina at the North Atlantic Alliance’s Headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday.
Stoltenberg thanked Silina for Latvia’s contributions to NATO, including military support for Ukraine, the country’s role in operations in Kosovo and Iraq.
« Congratulations on your appointment, and thank you for your commitment to NATO. Latvia is a highly valued NATO ally, » said the NATO chief at the joint press conference with Silina.
« You host a Canadian-led battlegroup, strengthening our deterrence and defence on NATO’s eastern flank. Latvia is also one of Ukraine’s strongest supporters, providing Kiev with military support and training Ukrainian soldiers, » he added.
Stoltenberg also praised the ‘steady progress’ made by Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia and welcomed the contributions from NATO allies, including the arrival of the first American Abrams battle tanks.
Latvian Prime Minister Silina underlined her country’s support to Ukraine at the press conference alongside Stoltenberg during her first visit to Brussels after she took office.
« Latvia stands strongly with Ukraine. Our military instructors are training Ukrainian forces, our hospitals are treating wounded Ukrainian soldiers, our people opened their homes for Ukrainian refugees. We have given Ukraine military and non-military support, more than 1.3 percent of GDP. We will continue this. It is our common task to continue supporting Ukraine until it achieves victory. To guarantee long-term peace in Europe, we have to welcome Ukraine in NATO, » told Silina.
Moreover, Latvia’s new Prime Minister stated that NATO has to strengthen its deterrence and defence capabilities to protect every centimetre of allied territory.
Silina also met with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Brussels before talks with the NATO Secretary General. »


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