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Hundreds gather by Qiantang River to watch Silver Dragon, world’s largest tidal bore

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« Hundreds of locals and tourists gathered on the banks of the Qiantang River in east China’s Zhejiang Province on Thursday to watch the world’s largest tidal bore during the Asian Games.
The Qiantang River tidal wave, known for its height and speed, is a traditional tourist attraction.
« It’s a very rare opportunity. That’s one of the very famous things that happens in this river. Only here, some rivers in France, Great Britain, and Amazon, [can] observe the tidel bore. So, I thought it is a good opportunity and can’t miss it, » said Shinsuke Kobayashi, a journalist.
The best period to view the tidal bore starts in the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.
« It was my first time in life to watch this. It feels like thousands of troops and horses coming. This is a one-line bore and I even didn’t have time to take a photo. I watch this with my eyes, which I believe is better than by cameras, » commented a tourist named Zhang.
The biggest tidal wave at Qiantang River, which is known as a Silver Dragon, reaches nine metres in height and moves with the speed of 40 kilometres per hour. The natural phenomenon is sensitive to the Moon activity, and emerges in the Hangzhou Bay to rush towards the mouth of the river. »

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