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‘Important signs that distinguish’ – Asian Games spox hails significance of traditional sports as part of this year’s competition

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« Spokesperson for Hangzhou Asian Games Sport Operations Centre Zhu Qinan praised the fact that nine traditional Asian sports, which are not included into the Olympic Games, became part of this year’s competition and said that this is one of the important signs that distinguish the Asian tournament from the Summer Olympics.
« Among the nine non-Olympic sports, we not only set up special sports such as martial arts, Sepak Takraw, cricket, Kurash, and Jiu-Jitsu that are popular among people from all over Asia, but also set up skateboarding, rock climbing, squash, intellectual sports, and other emerging sports that are popular among young people, » he explained.
Jiang Xianzheng, Spokesperson for Hangzhou Qi-Yuan (Zhili) Chess Hall, also hailed the competition by saying that this year’s Asian Games are a ‘moment worthy of being recorded’ of mind sports, as Weiqi, Chinese chess, chess, and bridge are included in the official competitions of the tournament.
« This is the first time in the history of the Asian Games, » he said.
According to the spokespersons, as of September 27, two athletes have already broken world records, and 47 gold medals have been distributed.
They also revealed that ticket sales for various events exceeded 500 million yuan [64,975 euros] until Wednesday. »


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