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Indigenous communities rally in support of President Petro’s policy reforms

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« Thousands of representatives from Colombia’s 11 major indigenous communities gathered in Bogota on Wednesday to express their support for Gustavo Petro’s proposed economic and social reforms pushed by his government, to defend their territories.
Footage captures these demonstrators carrying colourful flags and posters, engaging in traditional dances and songs as they marched through the streets of the capital.
As indicated by local media reports, this event, known as ‘Jornada de Movilizaciones’ or Mobilisation Day, showcased strategically placed encampments throughout Bogota. Championed by President Gustavo Petro, this mobilisation is set to continue into the following week, attracting hundreds of indigenous people from various regions to the city.
Despite disapproval ratings reportedly exceeding 60 per cent, Colombian President Gustavo Petro utilised the demonstration as an opportunity to advocate for his government’s political agenda.
Assuming office in August of the previous year as Colombia’s inaugural left-leaning president, Petro secured victory through pledges to reduce poverty and inequality. He also committed to implementing a comprehensive peace strategy, aiming to bring an end to the nation’s nearly six-decade-long armed conflict, a conflict that has claimed the lives of a minimum of 450,000 individuals, according to local sources. »

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