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‘It’s quite cool’ – Singaporeans illuminate night in Mid-Autumn Festival at Jurong Lake Garden

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« Singaporeans celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival by decorating with lanterns and organising various light-themed activities.
Footage filmed in Jurong Lake Gardens on Wednesday shows locals attending the event to view large-scale lanterns and light-up. Children hold lanterns, and people take photos and selfies
« We used to bring the kids and now it’s just us, old for you, enjoying a walk in the park because all the kids have their own agenda, » a local said.
Locals are embracing the magic of the Mid-Autumn Festival by flocking to the Jurong Lake Gardens. This annual event has captivated the hearts of Singaporeans, offering a delightful fusion of traditional lantern displays and contemporary festivities.
“I got my Naruto Lantern here I’ve got a nice light up and yeah it’s here to look at the nice exhibits and it’s actually I think our second year doing this as a friend group so it’s quite cool,” said two locals.
Hand-crafted lanterns by skilled artisans from China will illuminate the area from 7 pm to 11 pm between September 16 and October 1. »

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