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Joyous jaguar birth! Cubs born for first time at Safadasht Zoo in Iran’s Karaj

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« Two jaguar cubs were born for the first time in Iran as seen in footage filmed at Safadasht Zoo in Karaj City on Thursday.
Footage shows the newborn jaguar cubs, whose genders remain unknown at this time. Visitors to the zoo can also be seen observing various species of jaguars, including the black jaguar.
Zookeeper Ali Jahadi shared his enthusiasm for this milestone.
« When the director of Safadasht Zoo Mr. Sharafi imported these animals from Europe, we were interested in taking in cubs of this species, of jaguar, to gain an advantage for our country and to show that we can welcome the jaguar within the country, » Jahadi said.
« The cubs’ nutrition and treatment situation was perfect until this moment, » he added.
Jahadi also shed light on the challenges faced by the zoo during the COVID-19 pandemic.
« Also, the staff goes through a lot of difficulties, especially after Covid-19. We made a lot of efforts to preserve the animals during COVID-19 and the costs were too high, » he revealed.
The jaguar, known for its solitary nature, is one of the prominent big cat species found in North and South America. These agile creatures are skilled swimmers and typically inhabit swamps and forests. Jaguars are primarily nocturnal hunters, making them an intriguing addition to Safadasht Zoo’s diverse wildlife population. »

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