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‘There is so much nonsense in the world of football’ – FC Barcelona fans comment on refereeing corruption scandal

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« FC Barcelona fans have commented on the news that their club is facing expulsion from European cups and La Liga after a formal charge of bribing a referee was made.
« It seems silly to me and that doesn’t mean it’s not true. There is so much nonsense in the world of football, » a fan said.
Some fans also believe that people from the Catalan club’s eternal rival Real Madrid FC are behind the case.
« I think it is strange that all this information comes out in the week in which Real Madrid has lost a game, but I think it is impossible for Barça to have paid any referee to benefit from any match, » another fan said.
« It seems to me that Florentino Pérez (Real Madrid president) is behind this whole story, » he added.
According to media reports, police raided the offices of Spanish football federation (RFEF) in Madrid on 28 September as part of an investigation into bribery in the referee corps.
The scandal erupted in early 2023 with the former vice-president of the technical refereeing committee, Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira, allegedly receiving more than 7 million euros from the club during his 17-year tenure. Barcelona’s prosecutor’s office has sued the club and its former presidents Josep Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell over possible corruption and payments to the referee. FC Barcelona itself denies all allegations in the case.
If the charges are proven, FC Barcelona may be expelled from La Liga and sent to Segunda, as well as suspended from European competitions. »

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