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‘We can go wherever we want’ – Hundreds gather at Beijing train station as millions expected to travel during holiday after three-year hiatus

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« Hundreds of people were spotted at a local train station in Beijing on Thursday, preparing to embark on their journeys on holiday as travel restrictions ease after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This comes as millions of people are expected to travel during the upcoming ‘Super Golden Week’ holiday, which combines the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays.
Footage from the train station showcases individuals walking around with their luggage, reflecting the newfound freedom to travel.
“I think the epidemic of three years is the reason for this. My hometown is now full of tourists, and we cannot book tickets for many places and attractions. Perhaps after three years of the epidemic, everyone and every family wants to make a travel plan. I feel the same way,” said Meng Qingfeng, one of the travellers.
Around 190 million travellers are expected to use China’s railway network from September 27 to October 8 for their trips, according to media reports.
It is also reported that China State Railway Group has already sold nearly 22.9 million tickets, which marks a record for single-day ticket sales, and its ticketing website received at least 53.2 billion visits as of Friday.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is considered an important celebration on the Chinese calendar, when families tend to get together to eat special dishes, such as mooncakes. »


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