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Berlin to seek alternative routes for Ukrainian grain exports at talks in eastern Europe – Spox

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« Germany will hold talks with North Macedonia, Kosovo and Moldova to seek alternative supply routes for Ukrainian agricultural exports, said a government spokesperson in Berlin on Friday.
« The Federal Minister will hold talks with his colleagues from North Macedonia, Kosovo and Moldova, » Julian Mieth, Spokesperson for Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, said after a journalist had asked him why Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, which had imposed bans on Ukrainian agricultural imports earlier in the month, were not included as negotiating parties.
« They themselves have criticised the fact that [Ukrainian] products end up with them. And as I have already mentioned before, the talks in Moldova are about alternate export routes and achieving an expansion there. It will be about domestic shipping, » Miehl noted.
Poland and Hungary have imposed import bans on Ukrainian grain earlier in the month despite the European Union lifting temporary bans of Ukrainian grain, while Slovakia has set up a grain trade system, allowing some commodities to be imported into the country.
Maximilian Kall, Spokesman for Federal Minister of Interior and Head of Press Department continued to address a question on Ukrainian refugees, saying Berlin treated them under a ‘uniform European protection status’ enabling migrants to immediately take up work after arriving. Refugees from other nations have to wait several months, however.
On Thursday, EU Interior Ministers have prolonged temporary protection for Ukrainians fleeing from war until March 2025. The Temporary Protection Directive gives Ukrainians the right to stay and work across the EU, while also allowing access to social service benefits including housing and medical care. »

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