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Everything else is just Gaming! Esports enthusiasts throng for Chinese Taipei vs. South Korea League of Legends clash at Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou

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« Esports fans arrived at the Hangzhou Esports Centre on Friday to watch the 19th Asian Games, where the teams from Chinese Taipei and South Korea competed for the gold medal.
Footage shows fans lining up to enter the Hangzhou Esports Centre, proudly displaying banners featuring their favourite players.
“I [am] supporting Ruler for a long time. He is a good AD carry. I hope he can win this Asian Game and get a gold medal,” said Lee, an esports club manager from South Korea.
“It will grow bigger because esports gain the attention of the 20s or 30s generation in global. It can may be staged in Olympic Games,” he went to say.
Mrs Chen is an esports enthusiast who is a big fan of Lee Sang-hyeok, the South Korean player better known as Faker.
“Why I like him is because I started to watch his game from S5 and was attracted by his skills. And then I knew more about him and found he is a good guy, so I support him from S5 to today,” she said.
“I am very excited to be here as it is my first time to watch South Korea’s match in close distance. Let’s go, Zeus, Keria, RYU Minseok, and hope other players can play well also,” Mrs Liu, an esports fan of Zeus said.
South Korea clinched the gold medal by defeating Chinese Taipei 2-0 in the gold medal match.
Male players from South Korea who win a gold medal at the Asian Games are eligible to receive a military exemption. This exemption is significant because, in South Korea, military service is compulsory for men, who are required to serve in the army for 18 months by the time they reach 28 years old. Winning a gold medal in events like the Asian Games can provide an alternative path for these athletes, allowing them to fulfil their military duty through their achievements in sports. »

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