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Extreme House Republicans’ policies going to hurt Americans – WH spox shares concern for potential US govt shutdown

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« White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre denounced extreme House Republicans for blocking short-term funding bill which supposedly may lead to the United States’ government shutdown. This was said during a press conference in Washington DC, on Friday.
« It’s just this really small extreme fraction in Congress, these extreme House Republicans that continue to hold this back because they want to push extreme policies that’s going to hurt Americans, » she said.
« For some reason extreme House Republicans refuse, they refuse to get on board here. As it relates to the shutdown, it should not be happening, this can be avoided. They can fix this if they choose, » Jean-Pierre added.
The Director of Office of Management and Budget Shalanda Young echoed the White House spokesperson’s concern, stating: « Extreme House Republicans need to stop playing political games with people’s lives, keep their promise and keep the government open, » in reference to the bipartisan budget deal struck by president Biden, House Republicans, House Democrats, Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats last May.
Unless a last-minute agreement can be found, the shutdown is expected to begin on Sunday. »

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