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‘Final phase of independence’ – Pan-African leader Seba arrives in Niamey to lead protest

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« A crowd of supporters gathered in Niamey as the Pan-African leader, Kemi Seba, arrived in the city to deliver a speech and lead a protest on Friday.
« The final phase of independence, they killed our fathers, they killed our mothers, they humiliated our people, they created artificial countries, but today we are standing, we are worthy, free, courageous and even in poverty no one can attack us, » said Seba.
Reports indicate that on Monday afternoon, a small group of individuals assembled at Niamey’s airport to welcome Seba, a Franco-Beninese activist well-known for his critical examination of France’s colonial history in West Africa.
« Kemi Seba has an African audience and an international audience, the fact that he associated himself with Nigerien leaders was a strong asset for us, for the people of Niger … he has defended African identity which is something fundamental for us to move forward,” stated a local organiser.
During his visit, Seba expressed his support for Abdourahamane Tiani, the leader of Niger’s influential presidential guard, and the soldiers who have assumed their roles. He praised their responsiveness to the people’s appeals and their decision to dismantle neocolonial mechanisms.
Seba also issued a stern warning to France and Western nations, advising them against interfering in the ongoing revolutionary process.He cautioned that failing to heed this warning could lead to regret, as the people of the region may not hesitate to confront them.
Seba’s visit to Niger coincided with Paris allegedly announcing its intention to withdraw its troops and an envoy from the country by year-end, despite initially committing to maintaining its ambassador in the Sahel nation. »


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