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‘If this doesn’t clear the house’ – Blinken before singing blues classic at State Department event

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« US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken picked up a guitar to perform a clean rendition of a blues classic at a launch event for the Music Diplomacy Programme at the State Department in Washington, DC, on Wednesday
Footage shows Blinken taking a guitar and joking « If this doesn’t clear the house, I don’t know what will, » before singing and playing guitar to ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ by blues legend Muddy Waters, earning standing ovations.
The Global Music Diplomacy Initiative comes after the Promotion of Peace, Education and Cultural Exchange (PEACE) through Music Diplomacy Act of 2022, aiming to strengthen ‘music diplomacy’.
Blinken is known for his love of the guitar and has three professionally produced songs on music streaming platform Spotify posted by Ablinken: ‘Lip Service,’ ‘Patience,’ and ‘Without Ya’. »


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