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‘It all happened suddenly’ – Volos inundated with mud as Storm Elias batters central Greece

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« The city of Volos in central Greece was battered by Storm Elias on Thursday, flooding thousands of homes, sweeping away roads and forcing hundreds of evacuations.
Footage shows streets filled with mud in the aftermath of the storm with destroyed vehicles partially submerged under thick layers of debris. Bulldozers and locals were seen working to clear away the dirt.
Thursday’s deluge was the second powerful storm to hit Volos this month. At least 16 people were killed on September 5 when severe weather swept over the region causing billions of euros of damage.
“At that time we were able to save what we could. Now, unfortunately, nothing was saved. There was no cleaning, no care for this river bed. I believe that was the cause,” a local man said.
“It all happened suddenly. You couldn’t rescue anything. You’d probably be in danger trying to save something. That’s why I also went to the upper floor of the house. At least our lives wouldn’t be in danger,” he added.
No deaths were recorded after Thursday’s storm, according to authorities, although the pilot of a private helicopter has been reported missing. »


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