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‘Therapeutic abortion is legal’ – Feminist activists rally in Lima on International Safe Abortion Day *EXPLICIT*

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« Activists from feminist groups joined massive rally in Lima, on Thursday, to show their support for International Safe Abortion Day.
Footage shows protesters, some of them topless, marching with placards among other pro-abortion slogans reading ‘Therapeutic abortion is legal’ as well as drumming and chanting.
Campaign Coordinator at Amnesty International, Maria Paz de la Cruz, said activists aim for the unrestricted access to abortion for all individuals who can become pregnant.
« Therapeutic abortion already exists and already has a protocol. However, this protocol does not specify, for example, access to children. But girls between 10 and 14 years old are more vulnerable to becoming pregnant because their bodies are not prepared and their risk of dying is much higher, » she said.
In the last three decades, legislation in over 60 countries has been modified to make abortion access more accessible.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), on an annual basis, there are in excess of 25 million unsafe abortions occurring, and these result in nearly 39,000 maternal fatalities, most of which could be avoided. »


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