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‘They wanted to prevent us from speaking’- Niger junta’s FM receives warm welcome in Niamey after UNGA

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« Supporters of the military junta in Niger warmly welcomed their Foreign Minister, Yaou Sangare Bakary, at Niamey’s Diori Hamani International Airport in the early hours of Friday after he participated in the United Nations General Assembly.
Footage shows a big crowd waving Nigerien flags while waiting for the Nigerian Foreign Minister and his accompanying delegation. Upon his arrival, he delivered a speech to the crowd.
« They came with the intention of preventing us from attending and giving us the floor at the summit, they wanted to get certain people to speak on behalf of our country, from the beginning of the summit until the end we were there,” said Bakary, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Niger to his supporters who received him at the airport.
“They wanted to prevent us from speaking, but silence is also a word,” he added.
During his time at the United Nations General Assembly, Bakary was not granted the opportunity to speak on behalf of Niger, as the UN Secretary-General did not allow it.
« In what state of mind do you want me to be with a world like that we can only be of very good dispositions I am very glad, especially motivated to continue the fight that our valiant people lead for the safeguard of its sovereignty of its independence and dignity of its people, » said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Niger.
This situation highlights the ongoing challenges and diplomatic tensions faced by Niger on the international stage. »


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