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Thousands rally in Paris demanding women’s rights on International International Safe Abortion Day

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« Thousands of activists took to the streets in Paris on Thursday to demand women’s rights on the International Abortion Rights Day.
Footage features rally participants marching with banners and placards readuing ‘Abortion is a fundamental right’ and ‘Women of the world, Solidarity!’, among others, as well as chanting slogans.
« It’s important to take to the streets. Why is it important? Because, quite simply, we are under attack. We’re constantly being told « No, abortion is not under threat in France! That may be, but there are still abortion clinics closing, including local maternity clinics, » Suzy Rotman, Member of National Collective for Women’s Rights, said.
International Safe Abortion Day is celebrated on September 28 and was first celebrated in 1990 as a day of action for the decriminalisation of abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean. »


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