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‘We decide!’ – Hundreds rally in Madrid to support International Safe Abortion Day

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« Hundreds of protesters flocked to the streets of Madrid on Thursday to stage a rally in favour of International Safe Abortion Day.
Footage features protesters chanting, singing together and holding banners and placards such as ‘Forbidding us to give birth is also sexist violence’, ‘I love abortion pills’ and ‘We decide, free abortion.’
« We are here for all those who died in a clandestine abortion, for those who are imprisoned, for those who are stigmatised, or for those who cannot pay for access to a private abortion, we are not alone, we are here together to claim our autonomy and our diversity, our sexual and reproductive freedom, for everyone everywhere in the world, to shout with joy that we are unstoppable, to say that our sexual and reproductive rights are human rights, rights to our health, to our dignity, to non-discrimination, coercion or violence, » said Rocio, one of the protesters.
She added that the collective nature of their gathering, highlighted their shared purpose in asserting autonomy, celebrating diversity, and defending sexual and reproductive freedom.
« We say enough is enough, in the face of the violation of our right to decide by the Government of the Community of Madrid, against their fear our joy, against their silence our shout, against their impositions our diversity, for all this we from the Commission for the Right to Abortion of Madrid join this global cry for free abortion, we decide! » shared Ana, another protester.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that every year, there are more than 25 million unsafe abortions taking place, and these contribute to nearly 39,000 maternal deaths, which are largely preventable. »


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