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‘We need it to stop being taboo’ – Hundreds of women march for abortion rights in Mexico City

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« Hundreds of Mexican women marched through the centre of Mexico City on Thursday to commemorate the World Day of Action for Safe Abortion, wearing green scarves as a symbol of the struggle.
Footage shows activists carrying placards such as ‘Rights are not up for debate’, ‘Partiarcal state we will abort you’, among others, and chanting slogans while marching through the streets of the capital.
« I believe that we are (apart from celebrating that great victory) also to demand that there be conditions worthy of abortion because although that was a huge step we still need free clinics and better care, we need it to stop being a taboo, » a protester said.
Similar protests took place in different parts of Latin America.
On 6 September, the Supreme Court of the country recognised the decriminalisation of abortion at the federal level. Public health services will now be obliged to provide this service free of charge. However, only 11 of 32 states have made the change in law. »

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